into the road, darling, you haven't got a chance!
Who's the composer?

is exactly the thing an anon wouldn’t and consequently doesn’t need to know, my darling. <3

they’re not just my aunt and uncle they’re one half of mY GODPARENTS


but no

it’s these bastards they invite for easter

bugger it nerds I’m going to get disgustingly drunk


(fuck everything I was supposed to be Tapering Off but bugger it ought I to get despicably drunk)

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❀ about me ❀


name: sebastian

age: nineteen, christ.

birthday: november 13th, although it was the fourth of december last year.


single or taken: can we change the wording of this question ever or

height: 4’7” (mod hobbit what)

eye color: amber

middle name: Blake. I do keep intending to add Regulus. Entwistle is in there are well, if we’re going to be tremendously precise.

favorite color: black and burgundy (wine colours. who doesn’t like wine colours?)

lucky number: sixteen sixteen sixteen sixteen


hogwarts house [x]: I have been a Slytherin since I was six; it’s too viciously ingrained in my identity now to entertain other possibilities (even though Hal and I decided last week I was the living embodiment of Sirius Black?? does that make sense I feel like it does).

favorite fictional character: FUCK; Blanche DuBois (she’s in my email address) (my email address I sent to universities), Lucille Bluth, Beatrice Blaine, Amory Blaine, Withnail, Sybill Trelawney, Haymitch Abernathy, Effie Trinket, JACK TORRANCE JESUS CHRIST, Anne Rice’s Claudia and Armand, Charlotte Haze, Gregory House, Jordan Baker, Dick and Nicole Diver, Charlie Wales, &c.

favorite television show: Arrested Development?? Alice and I keep watching Bob’s Burgers when I visit her, usually over sandwiches. House, obviously. Archer because of the existence of Jessica Walter. Black Books????

favorite season: until this year it was spring for fuck’s sake; I also like autumn a whole lot.

describe yourself in a few words: ”essentially Keith Moon but smaller” is so convenient.

future children’s names: Penelope Sarah, Cielo Amanda Jane, Theodore Francis Moon and Yves Beauregard Brideshead, all of whom will (lbr) presumably be kittens or Build A Bears.

meaning of your name: ”from Sebaste”; fuck. I picked it because of Sebastian Flyte (“haunted by a profound unhappiness brought on by a troubled relationship with his mother. An otherwise charming and attractive companion, he numbs himself with alcohol” - says wikipedia, ty). Blake is where the really interesting etymology comes into play: it means either black or pale depending on which origin one believes. Contradiction is super. My last name is how gazelles move, apparently.

ultimate otp: chapmoon.

what do you plan to/do for a living: I am going to be someone’s favourite dead celebrity at some point!!! idk I sing pretty decently apparently when I don’t have the bastard flu

starbucks order: americano bc I am horrifically dull and I like my coffee to reflect that really


introvert or extrovert: oh god extrovert; Not Seeing People is torturing me.

dawn or dusk: anyone who says dawn is not a person I understand or trust, honestly

righty or lefty: ambidextrous!!! I caused chaos in a class once when a teacher attempted to demonstrate discrete variables by dividing us into Lefties and Righties (“WHY ARE YOU SITTING IN THE MIDDLE”)

coffee or tea: coffee, lately; I’ve lost my knack for tea. It’s Ireland’s fault.

rain or shine: shine. a combination of the two, actually, maybe??

reading or writing: writing. always writing (he says as if he actually writes anymore; I wrote a poem for Alice the other day???).

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